Eötvös 100 Opening Event (January 14, 2019, in Hungarian)

  • Exhibition Opening
  • MTA President's Greeting
  • IUGG Presidential Letter in English és magyarul. Budapest, 2019. január 14.
  • Roland Eötvös as physicist (József Cserti)
  • Roland Eötvös as geophysicist (Tamás Bodoky). Presentation and text
  • Roland Eötvös as President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Andrea Molnár). Presentation and text:
  • Roland Eötvös as sportsman (Dániel Kis Domokos). Presentation and text
  • Roland Eötvös as 3D photographer (Zsolt Regály)
  • Introduction to the discussion (László Szarka)
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